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quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2008

Bachman Turner Overdrive

Line up:
Fred Turner: Bass, Lead Vocals
Robbie Bachman: Drums, Percussion
Blair Thornton: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Randy Murray: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals (Lead Vocals 8, 10)
BTO - Trial by fire:greatest and latest 1996

Track listing:

"The House of the Rising Sun"
"Roll On Down The Highway"
"Trial By Fire"
"Hold Back The Water"
"Blue Collar"
"Gimme Your Money Please"
"Let It Ride"
"You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"
"Not Fragile"
"Hey You"
"Take It Like A Man"
"Nothin' Comes Easy"
"Four Wheel Drive"
"A Sense Of Danger"

2 comentários:

Ser da Noite disse...

BTO é um clássico. Estou me atracando no link. Valeu, Big Clash.
[ ]s

Big clash disse...

Não é a formação clássica,mas tem muitas coisas interessantes neste álbum.Divirta-se Morcegão.