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sábado, 19 de dezembro de 2009

Grady - A Cup Of Cold Poison 2007

Os texanos do "Grady" fazem um blues-rock de primeira qualidade com fortes pitadas de southern rock. Nesta postagem apresento o segundo álbum dos caras, "A Cup of Cold Poison", lançado em 2007.

Line up:
Gordie “Grady” Johnson Vocals/Guitar
Big Ben Bass/ Vocals
Nina”The Queena” Singh Drums/ Vocals

Willie Nelson, Alejandro Escovedo e Ron Hynes.

Grady - A Cup Of Cold Poison 2007


Chili Cold Blood
Come And Take Me
One Of These Days
Rolling Thunder
A Cup of Cold Poison
Three Legged Race
You're What's Happening
Spadina-Who Is Loving You
Bad Old Days
I Know I Can Make It
West Coast Hobo In A Boxcar Blues
On The Wagon